by Somethinger

“You mentioned ‘attractive’.”
“I must have.”
“So you find me attractive?”

“It’s an observation. Almost clinical.”
“I’m not meant to take it as a compliment?”
“If it pleases you to think of it as one, by all means.”

“So you’d look a second time.”
“A third as well. What is the grilling for?”
“Oh nothing. I was on the verge of being flattered.”
“Would you want to be flattered for you accidental combination of chromosomes?”

“Have I ever meant to you more than an argument?”
“What sort of validation are you asking for?”
“An emotional one. Do I mean anything to you besides my counterpoints?”
“Of course you do. You’re a sounding board on the occasions that I am uncertain.”
“Nothing more?”
“If you are expecting an answer that I don’t know of, you are heading for disappointment.”

“Would you consider flattering me as a by-occupation?”

“I think you misunderstand. There is plenty about you that should attract flattery. Don’t you get a lot of it?”
“Flattery matters only as much as the person dishing it.”
“It is a tempting offer.”
“In return you will have my unwavering devotion for as long as you like.”
“Is this a commitment?”
“It feels like one.”