Cloud friend.

by Somethinger

It is rare to find a friend
And even rarer to find a friend whom
you do not mistake to be less or more than one.
It is rare to find a companion in watching the world pass by
without surrendering to the overwhelming urge to classify it
in the ranks of good, back, wrong, right, ugly, less ugly;
but to see most things as they are, and beautiful without a second’s doubt.
It is rare to find a friend
who smiles at the same words that twist around your tongue
and that flinches slightly at the vulgarities of the world
curves graciously to not miss a step, yet not plunge into bitterness
Who makes life a pleasure – which is beyond
putting out fires, satiating thirsts and nursing wounds – aim higher;
beyond simple satisfaction – do you remember what brings you positive joy?
Well, it is rare to find a friend
who is the joy in the morning and an ear through the downward climb;
who does not expect but does not disappoint and thus, you never disappoint.
A friend who is unperturbed by clouds, but calmed by them, as you are.
And with you, will feel every droplet trickle down skin.
Find the friend, and in the friend find a reflection of you.