My rules (Dated Jan 30, 2009)

A little note for starters. I’m copying notes from my FB account to here, not only because I have run out of things to write- which I thought was an impossibility- but mostly because I need to delete the weight on my FB account. 

On reading this one, I realised how time had eroded my mind and how words have made me delusional. I hope to by my 18 year old self again- if not by age, then by ideas, hopes and beliefs.

I follow these self-made thingies consistently. No kidding. If there’s more suggestions you wanna add, just add them in the comment box. I need to be a better person tomorrow. My rules

1. I’m me. No one on the planet can replace me.

2. Every moment can be enjoyed, whatever be the circumstance. Enjoying doesn’t mean being happy. It means living it with all your heart.

3. You’ll probably die before anybody you know. But make sure you’ve lived more, if not longer.

4. Believe in love at first sight. It can take you places.

5. Never be embarrassed of any decisions you’ve taken, or any action you’ve followed. Be proud of yourself.

6. Better over-confident than submissive.

7. The only people whose opinion matters are your parents. Never let them down.

8. If your mum tells you something you don’t want to hear, it’s probably the best thing you’re being told.

9. Hold your friend’s hand when he/she’s upset.

10. If you’re asked to choose between a hotel and mum’s cooking, the latter’s tastier, more nutritious, less fattening and made exclusively for you. You know what to choose.

11. Never lie to your mum about where you are.

12. Lying is pointless if you’re a sleep-talker.

13. If you’re bankrupt, accept it.

14. Be objective. Challenge opinions, not people.

15. Listen- it’s the best you can do to be a good person.

16. Love with all your heart. Never underestimate your feelings. Give them the respect they deserve.

17. Nothing’s impossible unless you’ve tried it and mum’s not liked what you did.

18. Television’s for news and comedies. Movies aren’t any good on TV.

19. Hate yourself for the times you’ve had to back-answer.

20. Apologise for your mistakes, but only if you really feel you’re in the wrong.

21. Never miss getting drenched in the first rain.

22. Never stop smelling mangoes when you pass by stalls selling them.

23. India is my country and if I don’t work for making it a country to trust, no one will.

24. Call at least one friend for a good conversation daily. Sometimes they need to hear more than you need to speak.

25. Never hesitate from complimenting, or appreciating.

26. However big a compliment you receive, the best reply is ‘Thank you’.

27. Shake hands with your palm, not your fingers.

28. Keep your space reserved for yourself.

29. People misunderstand you all the time. Be sure you don’t mess up with what you really meant.

30. Acquaintances are very different from friends.

31. Read when you can.

32. Teachers are the same ones that taught you at school: criticise them, do not be cruel.

33. How many ever INXS songs you listen to, never run out of Hemant Kumar’s collection.

34. Do not refuse to take money you’ve lent out in the exact change unless you’ve earned it.

35. The best way to tackle challenges and walk away happily is to look it in the eye and speak what’s true, or right. That way, you’ll probably scare the poor fellow.

36. Walk with your shoulders squared and chin tilted upwards. You’re a confident person.

37. Have a look at your school building every time you pass by.

38. Never get mad first thing in the morning. It ruins your day.

39. If there’s anyone who can spoil your day for you it is you.

40. If you really want to do something, go do it.

41. Having regrets is the worst waste of time.

42. Chocolates aren’t necessary evil, they’re just too evil.

43. Do not do something only because everyone’s doing it. You have the choice of either not doing it, or doing it differently.

44. Do not critique movies before you watch them.

45. Use the Vodafone movie schemes and buy the Rs.20 pass.

46. Never stop singing.

47. It doesn’t matter who’s right, it’s what is right.

48. Acknowledge the presence of everyone in a room.

49. If you have an opinion, make it heard.

50. Fight for yourself, your space and your dignity. Only then can people trust you to fight for them