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Month: June, 2013

“Dhanush is a rickshaw-walla”

So what’s so bad about looking like a rickshaw-driver? Or, in other words, like someone who isn’t Hrithik Roshan?

This has been going on in my head for a while now. Okay, so Dhanush is a National Award winner and he’s a skinny, browner-than-thou guy who you wouldn’t glance at a second time. Because all you see around you, by the way you’re commenting, are multiple replicas of Adonis, Hrithik Roshan, Christian Bale and Robert Downey Jr. All you want to see on screen is the perfect fellow, and all you want him to be like is your society’s idea of ideal. Filthy hypocrites.

It’s not about defending what an actor should or shouldn’t look like, it’s about how we’re also perceiving our people in society and how terribly narrow-minded we are. Keep Dhanush or any actor aside. This profession-appearance relation has got to be the invention of a bigot. Can’t a rickshawwalla look good? Or are we stuck in a zone where the best-lookers get the most glamorous jobs and the ordinary-lookers get deserve a job that you the idiot look down upon? Clearly YOU got a job only because you looked a certain way.

I fear what you’ll do if you want to find love and the only one who is ready to give it to you is someone who doesn’t live up to your ideas of perfect. You’re ruined twice over. One, for disregarding someone for what they can be to you and two, for expecting who you are with to be the epitome of excellence, especially in the appearance department.

Why can’t we evolve? Why can’t we keep away from the assumption that a rickshawwalla is uneducated, that a driver is unambitious, that the top-paying jobs belong to the best-endowed and that our life is a Karan Johar’s SOTY? What happened to those of you who get offended at stereotyping?

It’s not that Dhanush is extraordinary-looking. He’s normal. Like 99% of the people I know. It’s the comparison with someone you disregard as equal that hurts me and mocks any form of intelligence that I expected of you. If you’re as keen on assessing humans, look a person who does something you aren’t qualified to do in the eye and figure how lowly they must think you are if heaven forbid they think like you. And oh, I assure you, I look at the rickshawwallas, the baniya, IIM graduates, clients and every person who I interact with as people who do a job better than me which is why I can’t be who they are. And sometimes, they have the most astoundingly beautiful faces that the world deserves to see, but not on screen.

I want to sound self-righteous in this because I am. I check people’s faces and behaviour and that’s how I regard them as humans. Not by something that does not concern me such as their profession. I’m not perfect, but that is not my excuse for being fair and sensible. I’m sane, I live on a planet that deserves to regard and respect every individual born on it, and that is reason enough for me to defend this.

Get your act right, people. You’re behaving like shit.

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