To the new social media bride

by Somethinger

I am tired of your wedding, dear friend.
Your celebration never seems to end.
It started a good six months ago.
And when will it stop?
Will it even cease?
No one knows.

It is admittedly the biggest day of your life.
You cannot stop gushing over being a new wife.
(I am guessing it has got to do with mush and lust)
But now that you are settled
As has the dust
Revel off Facebook, if you still must.

Part-glad, part-embarrassing, largely fed-up.
You look nothing like yourself when you are decked up
Your make-up makes me retch
Your expensive dresses
Your stylised tresses
How much did that photographer fetch?

Please do not get me wrong – I understand the joy
And I really wish you all of heaven with the boy
But new happiness you must try and find
Do not rely on one day
To be your safety net all the way
Have more days you would like to keep in mind.

About Facebook, the photos will lose their glow
Your unpainted smile – it’s time you show.
And yes – my advice is always tiresome
But that moment is gone
Get up – move on.
Happier days, I promise, are yet to come.