by Somethinger

Today, after a very depressing yesterday, I’m happy.

I came in smiling and that’s how this will stay. It’s good to see that I’m getting back. Of course it wasn’t as serious as a death or a disease detected or worse things, if they happen – but it was a life-event. One chat window closed – I’ll miss it but since none of this mattered to the other end, I’ll miss it for a lesser while than I expected I would.

But yay!

My aunt noticed the weight loss. My hair is feeling great. My jeans have a tear – how is that good news? Well, new pair woohoo! Music actually matters to me again. My copy may get agreed upon, or may not, but now work is not an excuse – it’s a job to be done and I’m up for it.

All this joy probably have to do with the fact that I’ll be spending the next 4 days at home.

Cheers. Remember, like Manasi says, “This too shall pass.”