The rest of you

by Somethinger

I am going to be upset for a while because coping with this daily is annoying. You get used to some things but they can still irritate you. Ever had a back ache for a long, long time? You know how to sit and how to avoid aggravating it further but it doesn’t stop to exist and you catch yourself wondering what life was like without it.


Everything categorised under ‘Log’ is for very, very limited people to access – those who know what’s been up for over 2 weeks now. My temper hasn’t been okay and what the fuck, it won’t be. I am constantly in the mood to behead someone or the other and haven’t stopped an orderless journey between lost, cranky, lonely, feeling unloved, tired and absolutely uncared for.

I walked through NH7 trying to convince myself that alone is how everything is going to be like, now – so yeah, get the fuck used to it.