This year.

by Somethinger

I have learnt to appreciate people more, in the past year. Let’s say it’s been the most active one I’ve had socially.

I changed jobs. I completed by 16th year of education (you know what I mean.) I am doing what I want to do – which is slightly more important than what I wanted to do.

People are interesting. Some will be victims of their own assumptions. Some will have habits and some will judge habits. People will want your attention and it’s perfectly fine to give it to them and yes, it’s perfectly fine to want some too. There will be people who will lurk in the background playing a non-descript role till someone on stage drops out and they get a window to themselves.

There will be people who look down upon you for the choices you had or you never had. They will want to be credited for having chosen a life they did and they will have weaknesses that they take to their grave. DON’T go looking for their soft spots. If someone does not want you to know something, you owe them that space. They will read books and watch movies that have names you can’t pronounce but hey, don’t stop doing what you like. Smile and wave, boys- smile and wave.

Social media is brilliant. They argue that you need to spend more time with people you know in the real physical world, but sometimes, these real, physical people have things to do at times you need them, or simply have things to do. Sometimes, things change and you can’t keep up with that change because no matter how much you expect it to be slow, it’s still change you know? It’s okay to talk to someone, anyone who is around. They are, after all, people. So rant, chatter, and lust after whom you want to. You are after all, human and you have evolved so far.

Dating is good. Relationships are better. The ones that can’t be defined are okay too, so long as you are okay being in one. Sometimes you can be in love with an idea and if the idea has a face, you either give yourself the freedom to chase it or stay with the prescription or do what you like. Friendships needn’t be by how long you talk on the phone or how many times. I’ve come to terms with bonds in which I can talk with people less than once a year and still know they care. But stay around for the ones who you want to stick with for longer.

I have learnt to do what I like. I have learnt to like people despite their shortcomings because they deserved to be liked and not because I have shortcomings too. I have learnt to deal with those.

And importantly, I have learnt that somewhere someone will think you are beautiful. My definitions are limited by my assumptions and I know a lot of people say it just to make you feel less uncomfortable. You should have lost weight when your mum asked you to and you should do something about it even now. But maybe you do make someone’s day and they want you to believe it with the same earnestness that you want someone to believe you. When you tell them how they are worth every second look, every smile and much, much more. I’ve learnt to live with myself.

Honestly, it’s been a good year.