On Tubby Legs and Heavy Hearts

by Somethinger

I won’t even have the gut to write this. It’s tough, I try to change, but then I give up. Too lazy, always rationalising, finding other things to do and eventually just not losing weight is something that happens. Every day. I don’t want to give up. I want to try. I try to change and then the diets come in.
But yes, I’ll remember the people who decided that me being fat is something that affects more than space. Not for revenge. I’m too soft to do that, no pun there. But just for a little note of how I am noted in their eyes and how I’d rather not be there at all.

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I watched a video on Upworthy today. A video about Dustin Hoffman on his character in the film ‘Tootsie’. I’m sure it was shared somewhere on your Facebook walls or Twitter timelines.

If not, here it is — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPAat-T1uhE

Watch it again, if you haven’t already.

Now, I haven’t blogged here in a very, very long time, but today, this moved me to immediately pen down my thoughts.

Mr. Hoffman, at one point in the video, says he couldn’t believe that he wasn’t more attractive when he was made-up to look like a woman. For me, this hit the proverbial nail right on its narrow-minded head.

I’ve struggled with weight and self-esteem issues for as long as I can remember. Apart from being a skinny toddler, I’ve always had the chubbiest cheeks, the tubbiest legs and the dimples on my elbows that so many kids in school seemed to lack.


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