Come, burn.

by Somethinger

Come. Settle. Be restless.

Squirm in your seat.

Wish for an open sky. Wish for an escape. Wish to be as far away from me because I scorch the corners of your skin.

Breathe uneasy because I am around.

Tell me you don’t want me. Watch the scorn in my eyes. The disdain that seeps into my expression.

You know you cannot leave. I know you don’t want to. We’ll play these games till I decide not to.

It wasn’t meant to be that way. You had the upper hand. Once. A long time ago.

But I settle too. My hands hidden. Holding a fruit, a dagger, a key, a book.

You wonder. Trying to not look like you do.

You want the room to close in on you.

I make a move. Towards you.

Magnetic. Gravitational. Colossal.

You freeze. I meant to melt you.

A torch under your face. Examining nothing. Watching everything.

No desire, no doubt.

No need to know.

Just a thirst to burn you.

Why you?, we wonder.