by Somethinger

I stood opposite the mirror after this last conversation, at the wash basin. With all intention of rubbing off the tears and the sadness that came along with you being sad.
Then, I looked up and stared at my face. Swollen eyes. Bloated nose. Wet cheeks and the strands of hair clinging on to them.
It struck.
You made me feel for you more than I thought myself capable of. You drove away the conceit and the selfishness. Tonight, you made me a better person by letting me shed your tears.
I smiled at myself. Suddenly aware of how you’ve brought me to life. And how this weeping wasn’t for a heartbreak, but a heartache. How I will try every time to pull us out of the lows and try harder for the happiness on bad days. On days when it seems natural to cry. Aware of how we’re in this together, irrespective of the geography.
Madness is abstract. Madness is magic. Madness is welcome.
For that, love, thank you.