by Somethinger

So many secrets, so little space

One little turn, another lost face

So many stories, one tired mind

Which lost me did I leave behind?

Names and places opening my eyes

Can’t find my way home even if I tried

Wandering too far, following the heart

I’m at the end, but where did I start?

Forgotten people & their dark songs

All in a little room where I belonged

One little window and you leapt out

I was asleep, I was asleep throughout.

Silences lingered with their little folk tales

A moment of peace before the siren wails

Or is that quiet a warning to impending screams?

A bloodied toenail in the street of dreams.

Sturdy my friend, let’s stop this sting

Let the distances solidify, let our ship sink

But don’t drift any farther, I’ll be alone again

From my heaven of pain, my hell of strength.