by Somethinger

I think the most epic thing about Barfi was the moment after it, when Shri, Maans and I were waiting for Ma and Dad to get the car, and Shri was trying to be all preachy. “YOU have to stop thinking so much! Stop being practical!” she yelled. Maans probably thought it was for her, because she’s well- practical. And she’s right. She is practical and she locks herself up.

She’s typically like Katherine Heigl in The Ugly Truth. Compulsively ticking off check lists that ground her to reality.

But it was for me.

Shri was asking me to stop thinking so much and love him straight back and stop running away from pronouncing four letters, because I probably felt them already. She asked me to step up or step out. Dribbling with his heart and mine is not a good idea, she said.

It isn’t. But then what? NOW what? It’s confusing, it’s terrible.

I hate you, geography.