by Somethinger

Aai called.

She’s been wondering, like me, about the past few days. The number of times I’ve come home and paced about the house and not being able to put the problem in words, because I don’t know the problem.

Something’s wrong. Something in the way I broke down today, the way I held on to her like I’d die if I didn’t. She asked if I’d made a mistake. If I’d cheated on the diet, if I’ve cheated someone, if there’s been an abortion, if there’s been money lost. If I’m lonely again.

I couldn’t explain because I don’t know. I still don’t.

All I know is that Aai called and told me that no matter what, she’s here for me. She asked if I had figured what is wrong. And even if I hadn’t, this will pass, and the day will be better again, and she’s here for me.

Throughout life.

How can I not love my mother?