Strange tides

by Somethinger

They caught me
Staring into spaces
Breathing into glass
Writing names they didn’t know
They saw me
Wiping dried tears
Killing dead memories
Laughing at the dead.
They taught me
Who to forget
What to forget
When to forget
But not why and how
They stopped me
From running away
Telling lies
Giving out
But they couldn’t
Tell me it was wrong
Because I wouldn’t believe them anyway
Would you ever too?
If they took it all away?
Tore you down to pieces?
And wanted you to laugh along?
These are strange tides
They’ll sweep you off the shore
They’ll take what you know is yours
And you’ll reap what you never sowed.
These are strange tides
They’re bound to swallow you whole
They’ll fill your lungs and catch your tongue
And you can’t help but go with the flow.