by Somethinger

Reluctance gets the best of us. Or the mediocre, at least. Like this blog. I think I am showing symptoms of giving in to peer pressure with this WordPress move. 

No, my blogpost blog is still alive and that’s how I intend to keep it. 

So why the reluctance?

Because after 5 years of hanging on to Blogsopt, it drains a girl of her beliefs to be convinced into shifting base- or in my case, inaugurating new base. A lot of adjustments have to be made, and if I’m taking this domain move so seriously, imagine what life’s mundane decisions do to me. 

At 21, which is now- life is changing. Constantly. The constants have disappeared, changed themselves (hence disqualify from the ‘constant’ tab) or are suffering from extreme mood swings. All you look for is one person/place/electronic appliance to behave like it did yesterday, but honestly- it’s a lost battle against what reality is.

Change brings along a lot of things. I’ll be unfair to a world of possibilities if I claim that change is good or bad. Because it changes so often that just as you begin to form an opinion about the little street it has walked you down, you realise that the lane in that street is very different. Get the gist? No? Never mind.

Change also means deciding whether or not you want to flow with it, stay adamant or simply format your mind with every new decision so you can sway either way and no, I did not use the word ‘swing’. You were looking for it, weren’t you?

Back to change. 

A lot has been written about it, a lot will be written about it- it’s the equivalent of a lover’s touch or the sea or a Google Doodle. It will never not be talked about.

All I want you to do, is keep calm and congratulate yourself that you aren’t me, while I congratulate myself on the fact that no matter how hard I try, I’ll never be you.

So this will (also) be a platform for you to see what goes on up there and I’m talking about my ample brains there.

I plan to move all my Facebook notes here, so give me a bit and I will. Not the ones I’d written on Blogspot. though, that’s exclusive stuff.